Do Frugalistas’ Shop More in the Summer?

Do Frugalistas Shop More in the Summer?

Do Frugalistas Shop More in the Summer?

Frugalista is a term that was coined by Ms. Natalie McNeal several years ago.   Since then the term has come to mean someone who is fashionable and thrifty at the same time.  In other words, a frugalista doesn’t have to spend a fortune to dress well and stay up to date on the latest fashion trends.  While saving money on casual fashion is possible any time of year, summer is certainly the best time for it.  Continue reading to find out why.

There are plenty of things that make summer the perfect time of year for finding great deals on the latest fashions.  For starters, saving money on casual fashion during the summer is easier because of the types of clothing that you’re wearing.  Simply put, since they’re usually made from lighter materials summer clothes tend to be a bit cheaper than winter clothes.  Plus, you can often catch wintertime sales and buy your fall and winter fashion months ahead of time.

Another thing is that since frugalistas tend to have an idea of which summer fashions will still be in vogue for the next season, they don’t have to worry about wasting money by buying out of season. But there’s another reason that it’s easier to save money on summer fashion wear…

Unlike other seasonal wear, you don’t have to try on every single item before you buy because summer clothing naturally lends itself to comfort.  This lets you use the internet to buy lots of clothing, without having to worry so much about how well they will fit you when you get them.  And since the Internet is the place that you’re going to find your best deals this turns out to be a tremendous advantage.

While many frugalistas build their wardrobe through online stores, another way you can accessorize or add a couple of cute shirts to your wardrobe is by browsing thrift stores and Goodwill stores.  And as it turns out since so many tax payers like donating clothes to the thrift stores before the April tax deadline, spring is one of the best times of the year to visit thrift stores for new summer clothing.

One more thing is that when you know that you’re able to save money on casual fashion, you have much more leeway to experiment with the clothes you buy and your style is able to stand out more.   It boils down to this: summer is all about looking your best without have to spend a fortune doing so.  This is a concept we strive to exemplify at Rock Bottom T-Shirts and it’s why we offer top quality comfort wear at rock bottom prices.  But don’t take our word for it! Visit us today and see for yourself!

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