Defining Eco Friendly Clothing – Understanding the Basics

Defining Eco Friendly Clothing

Defining Eco Friendly Clothing

Most of the time, when we hear the word “eco-friendly”, we think of energy or food production.  However, there is also another segment of the eco-friendly movement: eco-friendly clothing.

Understanding eco-friendly fashion opens up an entirely new avenue you can use to help the environment.  It’s also a terrific way to update your wardrobe, and it’s often more affordable than you might think.

As the name might suggest, eco-friendly clothing is clothing that’s created from natural, eco-friendly cotton or soy and that’s made with the smallest possible carbon footprint.  This has led many to feel that wearing eco-friendly fashion can give you a reason to feel better about your clothing.

For example, organic cotton and organic soy are both grown from all natural seeds.   This means that they are planted without the use of things that can have a damaging impact on the environment, such as chemical pesticides or fertilizer.  This illustrates the power of eco-friendly clothing.

Defining Eco Friendly Clothing - The Basics

If you’re concerned about the health of the environment, eco-friendly clothing could be the perfect solution for you.  So the next time you think about doing something for the environment, you’ll have one more option to choose from – eco-friendly clothing.

Whether your eco-friendly fashion is made from organic cotton, soy or other environmentally friendly alternatives, there’s no question that this is probably the most sustainable way to be fashionable.  Additionally, wearing eco-friendly clothing is a wonderful way to feel good about what you wear because it reminds everyone who comes in contact with you about the importance of protecting the environment.

Organic Baby Bodysuit

Organic Baby Bodysuit

Eco-friendly doesn’t always mean expensive.  Did you know that Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers several eco-friendly choices for your baby, all under $7?

Each of our organic baby products are made from 100% certified organic combed ringspun cotton.  This means that you can rest assured knowing that not only will your baby look adorable wearing these items but she will also be helping the environment at the same time!

Visit our organic baby clothes section today!

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