Summer Fashion Trends Alert – What to Wear this Summer

Summer Fashion Trend Alert

Summer Fashion Trend Alert

On June 20,2012 spring will be over and summer will officially be here.  We can expect this time of year to have plenty of sunshine as well as our fair share of new fashions.

However, as much fun as summer wear brings, it’s still important that your summer wardrobe reflects the current summer fashion trends.  Fortunately, summer fashion experiences more of a gradual change, with last year’s styles slowing fading in popularity instead of winking out of existence.

Likewise, it’s also good to know that some trends just never go out of style.  Here’s a look at what to wear from now until fall.

No discussion of summer fashion wear would be complete without a look at the colors of the season.  Summer fashion trends often hinge on different colors, and knowing which colors are “in” is important.

2012 Summer Fashion – Must Have Colors

2012 Summer Colors

2012 Summer Colors – Mints and Neons

This summer, mint green is a huge color and will continue to show up in skirts, shirts, swimwear and more.  Neon colors are also faring well, especially in handbags, shoes and accessories.

2012 Summer Fashion – Trendy Prints & Patterns

2012 Summer Fashion Trends - Prints and Patterns

2012 Summer Trends – Patterns

Whimsical prints and patterns are making an exceptional showing and this is one of the trends that’s expected to continue from this season right into the next one. In particular, bird, fruit, feather and other similar prints are popping up in summer fashion wear in a big way.

Then, of course, there are those trends that never fade-like stripes.   And believe it or not crochet is expecting to continue its rise to popularity this summer, so if you’ve been waiting for crochet to make its return, this is your time to rejoice.

2012 Summer Fashion – Which Shoes to Wear 

2012 Summer Shoe Trends - Wedges

2012 Summer Shoe Trends – Wedges

The last summer fashion trend we wanted to highlight relates to shoes.  This summer the two biggest trends in shoes have been kitten heels and wedges.  Both options are stylish and feminine and make a perfect choice.  Best of all, there are plenty available in mint green; so they should go perfectly with the rest of your accessories.

It may surprise you to learn some of these trends on the horizon, but once you take a look at the fashions that fall into these categories, you’ll see it’s going to be a great summer to look your best.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and as a reminder we offer several items in bright, neon-like colors.  For example, our Short Sleeve Women’s T-Shirt comes in Hot Pink, Raspberry, Key Lime, as well as Mandarin.

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