Four Fashion Colors that Will Never Fail You – Knowing your Styles

Colors You Can't Do WIthout

When it comes to fashion, there’s more to looking great than just the style of dress or pants you’re wearing.  Fashion colors play a huge role in how you look, as well.  Knowing the best colors to choose is important.

Today we’ll be covering the four never-fail fashion colors, so continue reading to learn more.

While fashion color trends change constantly, knowing the main fashion colors that you can count on every single year is important.  There are four colors you can usually rely on to suit you no matter your skin tone or the time of year.

Earth Tones

Earth Tones. Image by Hurley.K.E.

1. Earth Tones – Earth tones often work for just about everyone.  They help to add color to those with pale complexions and compliment the skin tones of those with darker undertones.  Among fashion colors earth tones are some of the best you can choose thanks to their ability to work well for most people and to match up well with most accessories.

2. Black – Black is a go-to color for any and with good reason.  While fashion color trends come and go, black remains constant.  From the little black dress to a sleek, sexy black top with jeans, black works for everyone.

Mint Green Short Sleeve Women's T-Shirt | Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Mint Green Short Sleeve Women’s T-Shirt

3. Green – Light green, mint green, and other similar shades work well for everyone except those with very pale skin.  This summer’s fashion color trends are actually relying heavily on mint green, but for most people green hues are fashion colors that work year round.

4. Yellows –  Even before yellow became a trendy color, it has always been an important color.  That’s because if you have bright colors in your wardrobe, they pair perfectly with yellow.  Yellow tends to work well with brighter skin complexions.  Light yellow sun dresses and even bright yellow tops may work equally well, so don’t overlook them.

There you have it – four fashion colors you should never ignore.  While your skin tone and hair color will have an impact on how you look in any color, these are four that are well worth trying no matter what the season may be or what the current fashion color trends are.

They’ve stood the test of time and continue to turn heads no matter where they’re worn.  Best of all, there are always clothes that make use of these colors so it’s always easy to find them.

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