The Difference Between Using Online Vs. Printed Coupons – Two Valuable Options

Saving Money with Print vs Online Coupons

Print vs Online Coupons

Saving money matters more than ever and there are plenty of people out there who are doing all they can to save cash.

By far, the most popular option is coupons.   Before you begin using coupons you should know that there are two main types-online and printed.


Similarities Between Printed and Online Coupons

Similarities Between Printed and Online Coupons

There are plenty of similarities with online vs. printed coupons, namely that they’re both great for saving money.  Both offer value and savings, but in some cases they may not be used in the same manner or could offer different benefits. Continue reading to find out the differences.


One big difference is that some online coupons may only be redeemable online.  You’ll usually get a coupon code you can use at checkout.  With printed coupons you’ll be able to use them in a physical store, where they’ll be scanned and whatever discount they provide applied.

The Difference Between Online and Printed Coupons

The Difference Between Online vs Printed Coupons

Another thing to consider is that the lines with online vs. printed coupons can sometimes get blurry.  Some sites are devoted to allowing you to browse coupons online and then print them out on your home computer to take to a store.

For saving money this is hard to beat since you can choose the ones that interest you and ignore the rest.  You’ll find great deals and be able to take advantage of them in your local store.  This option is quickly becoming the preferred method of obtaining coupons since it allows much greater selection and plenty of great savings.  Plus, it’s easy to do.

The Case for Using Both

Using Both Printed and Online Coupons

Using Both Printed and Online Coupons

One more thing about the decision on whether to use online vs. printed coupons –  you may just opt to use both.  Some purchases you make at your local retailer could certainly benefit from an extra discount.

The most important thing either way, is to just be sure that you’re not letting the coupons lure you into spending too much.  It’s easy to feel like you’re saving money and end up spending more than you thought you would because of all the great deals you’re getting.

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