Do It Yourself Fashion – Get Suri’s look at home

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When it comes to fashion, celebrities affect trends day in and day out.  One of the most hotly talked about celebrity families is Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and their daughter Suri.  Suri sets the standards for children’s fashion from fun party dresses to casual style.

In this image, Suri is wearing cute ballet flats, white shorts and an ombre (or hombre) t-shirt.  Want to have this great look without a celebrity price?  Check out this awesome You Tube video on how you can take a basic shirt and make it into an ombre fashion piece.

What You’ll Need

Girls T-Shirt - Long Length | Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Girls Long Length T-Shirt

– Clothing dye
– A shirt (and you can use our Girls Long Length T-Shirt if you want Suri’s look or any one of our t-shirts for someone else in the family)
– Salt
– Hot water
– Large container (an aluminum bowl would be best so it won’t stain)
– Rubber bands
– Plastic Gloves
– Spray bottle filled with cold water

The How To

This video will show you how to create your t-shirt in less than 7 minutes.  While this video uses white, you can also use different color t-shirts to create unique, vibrant looks.

Did you try this out at home?  Was it easy to do or too hard to do?  Do you like the ombre look?  Let us know by commenting below or posting a picture of your craft on our Facebook page.

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