How to Choose Great Colors to go with Grey Pants

Grey Pants

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I love grey pants!  Every time I go clothes shopping, I try on at least three pairs.  They are slimming, fun and cooler to wear in the summer than black pants.  However, as much as I love grey pants, after looking longingly in the mirror, I always leave them at the store.

Why?  Because I have four pairs at home gaining dust because I never know what to wear with them.  I know that a white blouse will go nicely with my darker pairs, but that’s a work lunchtime disaster waiting to happen.  Black will go great with my lighter pairs, but in the summer time heat, wearing a black top can be tough.

But now my grey pants will stay on the hanger no longer because I have found some great color coordination ideas from Women’s Fashion @ Suite 101, Yahoo Answers and the Made Man blog.  So keep reading on how to color coordinate your wardrobe with this awesome fashion basic!

Brown is NOT a good color to wear with grey.

Brown is NOT a good color to wear with grey.

What Not to Wear

Let’s start out with what not to wear with grey pants.  Browns and golds are two neutrals that do not go well with grey.  Annie Suh in her blog post “What to Wear with Grey” sums it up best:

Of course there are no absolute fashion rules to go by, but brown or gold usually does not jibe well with grey colors (as gold and silver jewelry do not go together) unless it is part of the design scheme or pattern of the clothing or accessory piece.

Plum Womens V-Neck Tee

Plum Women’s V-Neck Tee from Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Jewel Tones & Pastels – A Great Way to Go

From everything I’ve read, jewel tones are the way to go, especially in the blue and green families.  Emerald greens, brilliant blues and pretty plums go great with grey pants.  Of course, don’t forget to think about what colors go well with your skin tone as this can affect how your tops work with your grey pants.

Pastels are also a great way to go, especially in the red and yellow families.  Light yellows, subtle oranges and pale pinks look great with grey slacks.

Also, a monochromatic grey outfit is very slimming.  To add a bit of flair, though, try one of the colors listed above as an accent color with a scarf or with your jewelry.

Now that you don’t have to leave those grey pants at the store (or let them gather dust in your closet), you’ll need a great top to go with them, too!  Rock Bottom T-Shirts has women’s tees available in over 40 colors and juniors’ tees available in over 30 colors.  You’ll find the right jewel tones, pastel colors and neutrals to go with your skin tone and your awesome new pair of grey pants!


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7 responses to “How to Choose Great Colors to go with Grey Pants

  1. Personally i feel striped white and light brown/pastel tee or shirts would make a wonderful combination.

  2. Neck sweater worn with a gray hood, white pants , high waisted wide leg mounted. Chunky necklaces and bracelets with a red shell and its shell-like accessory to add Ruby Red Jade clutch slip into an apartment is. Jade earrings and a matching rhinestone costume ring is added. Pull hair into a ponytail and elegant. Slipped to a large pair of sunglasses is to create the appearance.

  3. Great post as always. Personally I love gray slacks too, I wear almost any cool (jewel) tone top with them. So, I think I’m doing it right. Right now we are into Jeans for United Way at work; so I won’t wear my grey slacks again until after August 31.

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