How to Give Your Royal Blues a Fashion Edge

According to Polyvore, a fashion community website (think Pinterest with an editorial staff and completely focused on fashion), Royal Blue is a trending color.  The reason for this trend, according to the editorial staff at Polyvore, is

“Royal blue is instantly sophisticated and almost universally flattering. Whether you wear it head-to-toe, or add a pop of color with a royal blue shoe or handbag, you’re bound to be on-trend!” See more at

While I love Royal, sometimes I feel like I’m going to a baseball game or college basketball game when I wear it.  The color screams “sports” to me.  However, there are variations on Royal that allow you to get the fashion benefits while giving it a more girlish flair or brightening it up!   Read on to see Royal alternatives to give you a fashion edge.


Iris, in my opinion, is the feminine version of Royal.  Basically, you take traditional Royal, lighten it just a little and add a bit of Red.  It’s a softer look.  This is a great color to wear in the Spring with jeans, underneath a light color jacket ensemble at work or with a fun floral skirt out on a Saturday night.  You get the skintone and fashion benefits of Royal, just a little more “girlied” up.  At Rock Bottom T-Shirts we love this color and feature it in 7 of our most popular styles.  A great option is our Womens V-Neck Tee (shown here) as it can be worn in the office or at a Friday night BBQ!


Teal is the fall version, or earth tone version, of Royal.  If you start with Royal and add some green and yellow to it, you’ll eventually end up with Teal.  This is a great color for women, and it can be very flattering with a black skirt or a pair of khaki pants.  While we call this the “fall version” of Royal, you can wear it year round for a more sophisticated look of this popular color.  At Rock Bottom T-Shirts, we carry Teal in our 4 most popular Womens styles.  As it’s a great fall color, we feature it in our Womens Long Sleeve T-Shirt.


Cobalt and Turquoise are both brighter versions of the color Royal.  Turquoise has a little bit more green in it than cobalt, but they are both colors that are made for the hot days of summer.  They are also great blues for young Girls, and I love these colors on babies, too, both boys and girls.  Once kids get a little bit older, as a basic tee, these colors could be a little girly for boys.  However, if you add on a cool design (like my son’s turquoise shirt with a vintage Spider Man print), both colors can work for kids of all ages.  You can find 7 styles in Cobalt and 26 styles in Turquoise including tees, fleece and more.  For a fun fashion look, try our Girls Vintage Longer Length T-Shirt, available in Vintage Turquoise.

So what is your favorite blue?  Are you more traditional and like classic Royal or do you favor the fashion versions like Iris, Teal, Cobalt and Turquoise?  Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.


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2 responses to “How to Give Your Royal Blues a Fashion Edge

  1. That royal blue is my favorite color. I eat, sleep and breathe that color blue. Every since I laid eyes on it as a very small child, it’s stuck to me like white on rice. It’s a fashionable color that can be dressed up in a variety of ways, usually with accesories like simi-bulky jewelry, wide or thin belts, and the perfect matches to spice it up like jeans, skirts, dress slacks, capri pants, or jackets. As an elegant dress it screams sophistication. I recently purchased a royal blue one shoulder dress with a hanging sheer piece and ruched siding. It’s gorgeous, probably one of my better finds. It is appearing that the royal blue is all over the city where I live. Especially downtown LA. Dress boutiques are oozing royal blue dresses and it’s got me drooling big time.

    I’ve recently taken a liking to teal. It’s a soft color that seems to go well with beige, ivory and, of course white. Plus it goes well with my complexion. Not too harsh. Iris is nice, but I am not quite a fan of it…just doesn’t hold my attention.

    I’ll share pictures of the royal blue one shoulder dress I purchased at a downtown LA dress boutique later this week for all to see. Great post!

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