Are Blanks Back? Is Fashion Moving Back to Basics?

Courtesy of E! Online

Throughout the past few years we have seen lots of prints.  Stripes, animal prints, text on tees and more.  Recently while flipping through E! Online’s photo gallery, I was struck by how many celebrities were out and about in “blanks” or plain t-shirts.  Men, women and children were all wearing basic tees and tanks.

There were a lot of people in white. Granted it’s a hot summer and white is a great color for keeping cool.  However, I saw pinks, purples and blues, too!  Click here to check out the full photo gallery.  If you want to dress like these celebs, we have some similar styles like Lindsay Lohan’s turquoise tank, Keira Knightley’s pink sleeveless tee and Jennifer Lopez’s black basic tee with some blinged out shoulders (which you could easily add on your own!).

What do you think?  Are Blanks Back?  Is Fashion Moving Back to Basics?  Comment below or post on our Facebook page and tell us what you think!

And if  blank tees are your must-have for the summer, head on over to Rock Bottom T-Shirts where we have over 150 styles to meet your needs.

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