How To Make That Old Shirt Your NEW Favorite

Maybe you have an old t- shirt that is a little faded or has a stain on it but you love the way it fits or it has  some kind of sentimental value to you. So, you are just unable to actually bring yourself to throwing it away. We have all been there and now we have the solution for you, by giving this old t- shirt that has seen better days a make over! There are so many different mediums that you would not even think of to use on a shirt that will completely change its appearance. You can use spray paint, bleach, and the aid of Mod Podge.

You can change a shirt from old and grungy or just plain to a vibrant, fun, express yourself brand new shirt! For another idea you could tape off a heart or the word Peace. You could use as many colors as you wanted. If you don’t have a shirt that you want to do this to, don’t forget to go on our website ( and get a new and any color you wanted t-shirt!  Here is the tutorial on how to do this:

Now your wondering why in the world would i want to bleach me shirt! We know it sounds crazy but the ideas for this are ENDLESS! There are a couple of ways to do this successfully. First you can put bleach in a spray bottle. This has the same effect as above, you can tape off what you want, you could use vinyl, freezer paper any way to get the design to stick temporarily to the fabric. Once your ready with the design on the shirt spray away and it will bleach around the design and keep it the same color as the shirt. Here is the link to get all of the detailed instructions:, and don’t forget you can get a shirt from! The other bleach idea is to use an actually bleach pen. This way you can draw exactly what design you want. And her are the step by step instructions on how to do this 

Now we know your next questions is how can Mod Podge help me put a design on my shirt? Have you ever heard of screen printing? Well here is a much cheaper and easier alternative way to screen print, that you are going to love! it is as easy as 1.2.3!

The hard part will be you picking out what design you actually want to put on your awesome new shirt, and which technique are you going to use first? Will it be for you or for a friend, maybe a girls night out. Let us know what you think and post pictures of what you made on our Facebook page

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