Fun Friday: The Myth of the Extra Hour of Sleep

By: Brian Darby

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“And remember folks to set your clock back an hour before bed tonight” – some TV weatherman will say somewhere.

And thousands of us will think “Hey, I get an extra hour of sleep tonight.”  And we are wrong.

I’m not a fan of the switch back to Standard Time after being on Daylight Saving Time. I already get a little cranky and tired as the daylight gets shorter and having that process start even earlier just makes me sleepy thinking about it. The only good thing is when I get up in the morning, the sun will be getting up with me. Instead of getting up in the dark and waiting on the sun.

But I always look at the calendar and think, “Hey, at least I get an extra hour of sleep.” And then I don’t.

Why? Because I’ll blow it. I won’t just stay up an extra hour. I’ll stay up an extra two hours. Yes, I will not only spend the hour that I have been given. I’ll spend that hour PLUS an hour I don’t have. I will finish the day -1 hour.

It’s like someone getting a $300/month raise, and buying a car with a $400/month car payment.

But I guess I shouldn’t complain too much…it would just be a waste of time.


Are you a fan of going back to Standard Time?

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