Fun Friday: Two words that make everything in the world louder

By Brian Darby

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I am convinced that the quietest person in the world will become louder, the quietest appliance you have will get louder and, in fact, anything on the planet will become instantly 10 times louder with 2 simple words:

Sleeping baby

I’m seriously considering asking the Mythbusters test this. If a baby is asleep, especially a baby that wakes up fussy, every floor board between you and her bed will creak. Birds will start chirping, even if it’s in the dead of winter. Haven’t had a cold since 1994? You’ll suddenly need to sneeze. Need to get something out of the kitchen? The chair will creak, your knees will pop, the pan you need will be on the bottom, and the ice maker at that moment will drop a few fresh cubes into the bin.

I’m convinced that theater sound systems really aren’t that special. They just have a nursery full of sleeping babies in the projector room.

Have you ever noticed the Sleeping Baby Volume Phenomenon?

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