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DIY Fun Halloween Costumes

We know everyone is on a budget these days and the last thing you want to do is spend money on a costume that your kids are only going to wear once. So we have found a couple of solutions for you!

Add Some Color!

Our first idea is perfect for multiples going to a party or trick or treating together. They could all dress up as crayons! This costume is inexpensive and easy to do!

To start with all you need are solid long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts and matching colored pants. In the how-to instructions it says to use adhesive-backed felt but you could use regular felt and use either iron on hem tape or fabric glue if adhesive-backed felt is too expensive. A few more things you need are scissors, a ruler, and party hats for the tip of the crayon. Here is the link on how to make these fun yet easy costumes: Colorful Crayon Costume

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s.. SUPER BABY!!! 

All you need is a layette or a baby bodysuit, some felt, a small piece of fabric and some Velcro™. You can make this one faster than a speeding train! Here is the link on how to make this adorable flying baby! Super Baby Costume

If you have any other ideas or if you choose to make one of these costumes, please share with us on our Facebook page! We look forward to seeing what you came up with!

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Buying Clothes for a Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

Baby T Shirt - Infant Lap Shoulder

Baby T Shirt – Infant Lap Shoulder

Guest post by Carlo with easyDNA

Shopping for your newborn is one of the most exciting and enjoyable aspects of parenthood. But buying baby clothes is not just about cute little outfits in different colors. There is more to it. Here is some information which can help you save time, money and stress.

The weight of your baby and the clothes you buy

Baby sizes go from Newborn and then from there they are in “Month” sizes.  Some are a range like 0-3 months and some are a single month size like 6 months.  The problem with baby sizes and size guides is that babies differ so much from one to the other. Some babies are far bigger than others at a given age. Also, every clothing manufacturer is different, so make sure to check and see if they have a sizing chart with weight or height requirements to help guide you in your search.  Moreover, the consistent, rapid growth in babies means that parents will be buying new, bigger sizes for their child more often than at any other point in their child’s life.

Baby Bodysuit - Short Sleeve

Baby Bodysuit – Short Sleeve

Some general advice about buying baby clothes

–          Because babies grow so quickly, you might want to consider buying clothes that fit them loosely.

–          Keep in mind the season – warm clothes can cause much discomfort to your baby in summer as would light clothes in winter.

–          Observe and touch the labels – these can sometimes cause itching to the baby and may also irritate the baby’s skin

Original ideas for buying clothes for a baby boy

Some companies offer customizable baby clothing which can tailored to your chosen colour, style and also embroidered with your baby’s name. Typically, they will produce clothes for both baby girls and baby boys. Remember that you should also be shopping for the occasion. You want your baby to have some special clothes for those family occasions or social events and perhaps cheaper clothes for everyday.

Camo Baby Bodysuit

Camo Baby Bodysuit

Original ideas for buying clothes for a baby girl

Besides the color (often shades of pink and purple) and the style of clothes (little dresses and frilled shirts) for a baby girl, little changes when compared to clothes for a baby boy. Baby girls, of course, look cute dressed in a feminine way. But first and foremost, the comfort of the child is always your priority so choosing the smoothest, quality fabrics is of pivotal importance when shopping for baby clothes of either gender. Remember that although girls can be a bit more exciting to dress, they too grow very quickly so the little purple dress you picked today might not fit her in a few weeks.

Gender DNA testing

Gender DNA testing offers you the opportunity to prepare for the birth of you baby girl or baby boy. They can save you much of the stress of shopping around once the baby is born. In fact, you can spend some quality time with your child by getting all the preparations done before the birth. Urine gender DNA tests can be done at just 9 weeks and offer an accuracy of 99%.


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Baby Shower on a Budget – Planning an Amazing Baby Shower for Less

Baby Shower on a Budget

Baby Shower on a Budget

Having a baby is one of the most special times in a parent’s life.  For the  40 weeks that it takes a baby to develop, many parents are preparing for their baby’s arrival.  One way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby is by throwing a baby shower.  Continue reading as we cover three ideas that can make the shower a special event, even if you’re on a tight budget. Continue reading


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Baby Shower Ideas – How to Make a Diaper Cake [Tutorial]

Diaper Cake Instructions

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

Guest Post by Sam Pasi

Baby showers are evolving more and more. Gone are the days where simple gifts and presents would suffice. These days you need more elaborate and gorgeous gifts to impress the expecting parents. Continue reading

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Babies Fashion Trends – Dressing Your Baby for Easter

Dressing Your Baby for Easter

Dressing Your Baby for Easter. Image by Eye's Eye

As the seasons change and the holidays come and go, our fashion choices change as well.  This is true not just for adults, but for children and babies too.  Continue reading as we share several baby fashion tips to carry you through the Easter holidays. Continue reading

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Five Tips for Throwing a Fun but Frugal Birthday Party

Making Birthdays Fun and Affordable

Making Birthdays Fun and Affordable

Guest Post By: Olivia Nicholas

It is normal for you to think twice before throwing a costly birthday party for a child.  However, it can’t be denied that birthdays are a very special event and that they are moments in time that can never be replaced. That said, this article provides you with some very useful and practical tips on how you can throw a fun yet frugal birthday party for your child.
Continue reading

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Baby Clothes and Fashion – Baby Wear Tips for New Parents

Baby Clothes and Fashion

Baby Clothes and Fashion

Babies are so adorable. There’s no denying it. When they look at you with their chubby cheeks and cute little expressions, you would be hard-pressed not to melt.  That’s why it’s easy to choose baby clothes-because babies are already so cute. Nonetheless, you still want your baby to look their best at all times.  Here are some tips for new parents on how to choose the best baby clothes for your little bundle of joy. Continue reading


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