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How to Give Your Royal Blues a Fashion Edge

According to Polyvore, a fashion community website (think Pinterest with an editorial staff and completely focused on fashion), Royal Blue is a trending color.  The reason for this trend, according to the editorial staff at Polyvore, is

“Royal blue is instantly sophisticated and almost universally flattering. Whether you wear it head-to-toe, or add a pop of color with a royal blue shoe or handbag, you’re bound to be on-trend!” See more at

While I love Royal, sometimes I feel like I’m going to a baseball game or college basketball game when I wear it.  The color screams “sports” to me.  However, there are variations on Royal that allow you to get the fashion benefits while giving it a more girlish flair or brightening it up!   Read on to see Royal alternatives to give you a fashion edge.

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How to Choose Great Colors to go with Grey Pants

Grey Pants

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I love grey pants!  Every time I go clothes shopping, I try on at least three pairs.  They are slimming, fun and cooler to wear in the summer than black pants.  However, as much as I love grey pants, after looking longingly in the mirror, I always leave them at the store.

Why?  Because I have four pairs at home gaining dust because I never know what to wear with them.  I know that a white blouse will go nicely with my darker pairs, but that’s a work lunchtime disaster waiting to happen.  Black will go great with my lighter pairs, but in the summer time heat, wearing a black top can be tough.

But now my grey pants will stay on the hanger no longer because I have found some great color coordination ideas from Women’s Fashion @ Suite 101, Yahoo Answers and the Made Man blog.  So keep reading on how to color coordinate your wardrobe with this awesome fashion basic! Continue reading


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Four Fashion Colors that Will Never Fail You – Knowing your Styles

Colors You Can't Do WIthout

When it comes to fashion, there’s more to looking great than just the style of dress or pants you’re wearing.  Fashion colors play a huge role in how you look, as well.  Knowing the best colors to choose is important.

Today we’ll be covering the four never-fail fashion colors, so continue reading to learn more. Continue reading

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Summer Fashion Trends Alert – What to Wear this Summer

Summer Fashion Trend Alert

Summer Fashion Trend Alert

On June 20,2012 spring will be over and summer will officially be here.  We can expect this time of year to have plenty of sunshine as well as our fair share of new fashions.

However, as much fun as summer wear brings, it’s still important that your summer wardrobe reflects the current summer fashion trends.  Fortunately, summer fashion experiences more of a gradual change, with last year’s styles slowing fading in popularity instead of winking out of existence.

Likewise, it’s also good to know that some trends just never go out of style.  Here’s a look at what to wear from now until fall.

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Spring – Summer 2013 Color Review – Based on the TheUltraBright Forecast

2013 Summer Fashion Color Forecast

2013 Summer Fashion Color Forecast

We’ve got a brand new color trend summary for you today. It’s the Spring/Summer 2013 Color Forecast by TheUltraBright (TUB).  Continue reading to find out next summer’s color trends. Continue reading


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For Fashionistas – Three Must Have Mobile Apps

Three Mobile Apps for Fashionistas

Three Mobile Apps for Fashionistas

If you love staying on top of the latest in fashion trends and news you’re going to love today’s post.  That’s because today we’re covering three mobile apps we believe are must-have apps for every fashionista to stay on top of her wardrobe. Continue reading as we share what makes these apps so special! Continue reading


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Natalie LeDoux’s Take on the 2012/2013 Autumn/Winter Color Forecast by Premiere Vision

Autumn/Winter 2012/2013

Autumn/Winter 2012/2013

Today we wanted to highlight Premiere Vision’s 2012/2013 Autumn/Winter color forecast. The color trends that we’re referencing come by way of Natalie LeDoux’s blog. Continue reading as we share four upcoming trends that you should be aware of this fall and winter. Continue reading


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