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Three Tips to Selecting Plus Size Ladies T-Shirts

Plus Sized Clothing Model

Plus Sized Fashion Wear. Image by Church Street Market Place

Sizing can be a mixed bag, and t-shirts are no different.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find plus sized t-shirts that fit well.  Some brands run small while others run big.  No matter the brand, there are three simple tips that you can follow to find that perfect fit. Continue reading


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Blog Round Up: Saving Money

Frugal Guy Saves Money

Save Coin & Be Frugal

Rock Bottom T-Shirts understands the importance of saving money.  In keeping with this theme we wanted to re-visit the topic by highlighting three posts from a few really outstanding frugal bloggers.

The three blog posts that we’re rounding up are from Frugal Mom, Frugal Dad, and Frugal Village.  Interestingly, these three blog posts cover such a wide variety of savings tips that if you were to take the three posts and apply each of them to your money saving tool kit you’d be covered on almost every base that there is to consider. Continue reading

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Color Trend Series: CIFF Autumn and Winter Color Forecast

Color Palette
Image by Noël Zia Lee via Flickr

Today we conclude our the Rock Bottom T-Shirts color series with a look at the CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) 2009/2010 Autumn/Winter Fashion & Color Trends report. Continue reading


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Ways to Save While Holiday Shopping

Woman with bags and a piggybank

Save Money While Shopping

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, most of you out there are thinking about ways to save money. There are lots of wonderful ways to save while shopping for friends and family this year. Continue reading


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Is Online Shopping Really Better?

Online Shopping So Easy, Even A Guy Can Do It!

Short answer? YES!! Who doesn’t like the idea of shopping in pajamas without the disapproving stares from mall-walkers. But there are other benefits as well. Continue reading

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Shop Smart – Save Money and Look Good Too

Clothes for sale at the Greenwich market.

Image via Wikipedia

Let’s face it-we all need quality clothes.  The question is how much should we be spending? Everyone around is trying to be a “bargainista” or “shopinista” and get THE best deal. I love a good bargain too, and what’s more-I love sharing tips. Here are a few I’ve picked up around the web: Continue reading


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How to Enjoy a Stress Free Holiday

No matter how much we may adore the holiday season, it is difficult to get away from the fact that the holidays can be an extremely stressful time. With a bit of pre-planning, you can reduce the stress level of many of the activities that come along with this joyful season.
1. GET YOUR SHOPPING DONE EARLY: The longer you procrastinate, the more crowded the stores will become and the longer the lines will get. One way to avoid this is to do as much of your shopping as possible via the internet or from print catalogs. is the perfect site for gifts for the whole family, even the dog!

2. DON’T TAKE ON MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE: This can be very easy to do, especially during the “season of giving”. Just remember, it is okay to say no! If it is possible within your budget, allow a cleaning person or crew to come in this one time a year and clean the house, while you are tending to matters that will need some of your personal attention. It is important to remember that a holiday celebration can still be beautiful and memorable, if you don’t end up doing all of the difficult holiday chores by yourself. Also, ordering a cake for Christmas dinner from a bakery will save you a few hours in which you can do something else.

3. KEEP THE KIDS ENTERTAINED AND HAPPY: Keeping the little ones busy will be very helpful, while you are preparing for guests to arrive and throughout the holidays in general. Our T-shirt crafts are the perfect activity to keep the kids happy! Choose from any of our fun and easy crafts posted on our blog.

4. KEEP YOUR COMPANY FULL AND SATISFIED: Hungry=Cranky! Make sure to have plenty of snacks out and around your home while entertaining.

5. REMEMBER TO ENJOY YOURSELF: There is so much more to it than work, baking, and entertaining. Play a CD of carols and sing along. Rent a couple of classic Christmas movies. Read some Christmas stories to your children. Take a walk or drive with your spouse or a friend to see the lights and decorations around town.

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