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How to Stockpile Groceries without Going Overboard – Bulk Buying on a Budget

How to Stockpile Your Groceries

How to Stockpile Your Groceries

When you’re saving money there are several steps you can take to help cut your expenses.  Many people have found big box stores that sell bulk items or the clever use of coupons can help them save a bundle in the long run. Continue reading


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How to Enjoy a Stress Free Holiday

No matter how much we may adore the holiday season, it is difficult to get away from the fact that the holidays can be an extremely stressful time. With a bit of pre-planning, you can reduce the stress level of many of the activities that come along with this joyful season.
1. GET YOUR SHOPPING DONE EARLY: The longer you procrastinate, the more crowded the stores will become and the longer the lines will get. One way to avoid this is to do as much of your shopping as possible via the internet or from print catalogs. is the perfect site for gifts for the whole family, even the dog!

2. DON’T TAKE ON MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE: This can be very easy to do, especially during the “season of giving”. Just remember, it is okay to say no! If it is possible within your budget, allow a cleaning person or crew to come in this one time a year and clean the house, while you are tending to matters that will need some of your personal attention. It is important to remember that a holiday celebration can still be beautiful and memorable, if you don’t end up doing all of the difficult holiday chores by yourself. Also, ordering a cake for Christmas dinner from a bakery will save you a few hours in which you can do something else.

3. KEEP THE KIDS ENTERTAINED AND HAPPY: Keeping the little ones busy will be very helpful, while you are preparing for guests to arrive and throughout the holidays in general. Our T-shirt crafts are the perfect activity to keep the kids happy! Choose from any of our fun and easy crafts posted on our blog.

4. KEEP YOUR COMPANY FULL AND SATISFIED: Hungry=Cranky! Make sure to have plenty of snacks out and around your home while entertaining.

5. REMEMBER TO ENJOY YOURSELF: There is so much more to it than work, baking, and entertaining. Play a CD of carols and sing along. Rent a couple of classic Christmas movies. Read some Christmas stories to your children. Take a walk or drive with your spouse or a friend to see the lights and decorations around town.

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5 Tips for Surviving Black Friday

We all know they call it “Black Friday” for a reason… but if you are brave enough to take on the biggest sales and crowds of the year, please take advantage of these helpful tips. Good luck!
STRATEGIZE: Shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving is intense, if you don’t go in with a plan, you will probably not be successful. Decide which stores you want to go to and in which order. Plan your shopping “route” around the location of each store for the easiest access
LIMIT SURPRISES: Get the Thanksgiving Day newspaper in your area and flip through all of those ads. You might be surprised to notice how many of the ads are time-sensitive — as in, deeper discounts may apply if you shop before 10 or 11 a.m. or noon. Other ads will let you know what time certain stores plan to open and close. This will also help to determine which
stores will be the most crowded at which times.
GOING OUT EARLY? PLAN ACCORDINGLY AND BE PREPARED: Remember to dress comfortably — warmly enough for the time you’ll spend outside, but with layers so you won’t collapse from heat stroke inside stuffy, crowded stores. Comfortable shoes are a must, and so are portable snacks and drinks. They’ll prevent you from having to endure low blood-sugar levels, dehydration or congested food courts.
MAKE A SHOPPING LIST: You’ll feel more in control and focused if you head out with a list of the people you’re shopping for, the gift ideas you have in mind for them and the target price range for each item. Otherwise, a shopping day like this one could be so overwhelming you might fail to accomplish as much as you had hoped.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE INTERNET: No crowds, no lines, no need to change out of your pajamas. Many online retailers offer sales and special discounts on the Friday after Thanksgiving — and sometimes those sales kick in at midnight on the night before Black Friday. It might be a weird way to spend the wee hours of the morning, but you’re guaranteed not to get scratched, kicked or trampled.

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