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Four Fashion Colors that Will Never Fail You – Knowing your Styles

Colors You Can't Do WIthout

When it comes to fashion, there’s more to looking great than just the style of dress or pants you’re wearing.  Fashion colors play a huge role in how you look, as well.  Knowing the best colors to choose is important.

Today we’ll be covering the four never-fail fashion colors, so continue reading to learn more. Continue reading

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Four Types of Free Budgeting Tools That Can Save You Money

Four Free Budgeting Tools

Four Free Budgeting Tools

When you’re saving money there are plenty of obstacles that can stand in your way.  Frugal fatigue, sudden emergency expenses and day to day costs are all hurdles you’ll have to clear when you’re trying to pinch pennies.

Saving cash isn’t easy, but as you’ll see in this post – thanks to four free budgeting tools saving has become much easier than in years past. Continue reading

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5 Ways To Maintain A Fashionable Lifestyle

How to Maintain a Fashionable Lifestyle

Guest Blog Post by Amy Fountain

Living a fashionable lifestyle doesn’t have to run you ragged. It defeats the purpose of fashion. It’s all about donning outfits that make you look and feel good in a stress-free way.

Maintaining a fashionable lifestyle also does not have to break the bank. There are many ways for you to stay immersed in fashion but not have to spend most of your income. Here are some things to consider: Continue reading

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How to Pack

How to Pack

Knowing How to Pack Can Save You Majorly

Guest Blog Post Written by Sarah Paige

Travelling is exciting. It’s easy to jump straight into thinking about what activities you are going to do and what sites you want to see, but there’s a very important intermediary step between you and your destination: packing.

There are some who are super-prepared and begin packing, or at least thinking about packing, weeks in advance, and there are others who simply toss things into a suitcase the night before. But whether you’re organised or spontaneous, going overseas or just somewhere local like Vale Avely, WA, these packing tips are sure to be helpful.

Where are you going? Your destination plays an important part in deciding what to bring. If you’re going somewhere with pools or beaches, then definitely pack your swimsuit.

If you know you’re going somewhere fancy (like the opera or a nice dinner), bring fancy clothes. You don’t want to get stuck with nothing appropriate to wear, or having to buy new clothes at the last minute.

Planning for the Weather

Keep the weather in mind. Whether you’re travelling overseas, interstate, or even just the next city over, keep in mind that the weather could vary immensely.

Check the forecast before packing, or find out if there are any known changes in weather so you’re not caught in a snowstorm with a bathing suit and a bunch of shorts, or in the blistering heat with only sweaters, long johns, and jackets.

How long are you going for? If you’re going for a weekend, you don’t need to pack an entire large suitcase; on top of being cumbersome to carry, most of it will stay untouched in the bottom of your luggage.

In fact, depending on what you’ll be doing on your trip, you could probably get away with filling a backpack with a couple of shirts, pants, underwear and toiletries. Inversely, if you’re going to be away for a longer period, make sure you pack enough clothing to last you your stay, but try not to go overboard.

Keep it under the limit. If you’re flying, make sure you check what your maximum baggage weight is and weigh your luggage before going to the airport. Taking extra baggage can be super-expensive, depending on which airline you’re travelling with, and it’s particularly wasteful if you’re paying extra for things you don’t even need to bring along.

The important thing to remember is that you are going on a holiday; you’re supposed to be getting away from your daily life, not bringing it along with you.

Sarah Paige is a travel expert currently living in Vale Avely, in Western Australia, until her next intrepid adventure.

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Frugal Shopping – Three Rarely Used Shopping Tips that are Overlooked Daily

Frugal Shopping Tips

Frugal Shopping Tips

Being thrifty can be the difference between saving big bucks on all of your household expenses or not having enough to cover your basic necessities.  When you begin to see the world around you through the lens of frugality, it’s  possible to pull savings right out of thin air.  Since we’ve already covered this topic from several well known angles, today we decided to share three frugal shopping tips that we haven’t discussed yet. Continue reading


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Spring Cleaning – Five Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Who can resist the urge to refresh and clean a home after a long winter? Spring cleaning is a wonderful way to get much needed but often neglected household chores out of the way while giving the home a breath of fresh air. Continue reading

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How to Re-Purpose a T-Shirt into a Cap

No Sew T-Shirt Craft

No Sew T-Shirt Craft

Not so long ago we were looking on YouTube for various no-sew t-shirt craft projects and we happened to find this really wonderful video that teaches you how to turn a t-shirt into a cap.  So today we’re going to share this video with you and show you what we like about it! Continue reading

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