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Home Decor Using Your Old T-Shirts!

Summer will be coming to an end soon, and it is time to do a little “Spring Cleaning” to get your wardrobe ready for the fall. What are you going to do with all these worn clothes from the summer or even the ones your cleaning out from last year? Well we have found the perfect way to spruce up your home for cheap, using your old clothes!

There are so many different things you can make, like pictures for your wall. You can use your old favorite shirts that you can’t wear anymore, they can have a design or something simple like stripes. If you like the idea but your uninterested in using a shirt with a design on it, use a blank shirt and stencil on an image you like using fabric paint. Click here to learn how to make these awesome wall hangings! http://craftsncoffee.com/2011/09/02/repurpose-old-t-shirts-and-wear-them-on-your-wall-instead-super-fast-t-shirt-wall-art-tutorial/

Maybe wall art isn’t what you need. What about updating the throw pillows on the couch or for the bed? You can use old shirts with designs or solid colors shirts for this one too! Try making a few of these throw pillows to freshen the look of your home. You could arrange the ruffles diagonally or use multiple colored shirts for more colorful pillows. If you like to decorate for Halloween, Christmas, etc,  you could make thee pillows orange with black ruffles for Halloween, or green with red ruffles for Christmas; the ideas are endless for these throw pillows! Check out the link to make them! http://floralshowers.com/sewing/ruffle-pillow-tutorial/

Need a new shower rug or maybe something cute and creative for your child’s room? You could or your child could make a Hula Hoop Rug! You can go from something childish and colorful to something more sophisticated and neutral, depending on what color shirts you use. If you like the idea of the rug but you don’t have use for it on the floor you could hang it on the wall for a splash of color in your living space. Learn how here: http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/hula-hoop-rug-995304/

Now that you’ve cleaned out those old t-shirts, what are you going to wear? Stop by Rock Bottom T-Shirts to replenish your t-shirt supply and get quality tees on the cheap.

What do you think?  Will you be trying any of these projects at home? If you do, post pictures of your crafts on our Facebook page. If you have any tips or other projects that you’d like to share with us, please let us know by commenting below.

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How to Give Your Royal Blues a Fashion Edge

According to Polyvore, a fashion community website (think Pinterest with an editorial staff and completely focused on fashion), Royal Blue is a trending color.  The reason for this trend, according to the editorial staff at Polyvore, is

“Royal blue is instantly sophisticated and almost universally flattering. Whether you wear it head-to-toe, or add a pop of color with a royal blue shoe or handbag, you’re bound to be on-trend!” See more at Polyvore.com.

While I love Royal, sometimes I feel like I’m going to a baseball game or college basketball game when I wear it.  The color screams “sports” to me.  However, there are variations on Royal that allow you to get the fashion benefits while giving it a more girlish flair or brightening it up!   Read on to see Royal alternatives to give you a fashion edge.

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Four Fashion Colors that Will Never Fail You – Knowing your Styles

Colors You Can't Do WIthout

When it comes to fashion, there’s more to looking great than just the style of dress or pants you’re wearing.  Fashion colors play a huge role in how you look, as well.  Knowing the best colors to choose is important.

Today we’ll be covering the four never-fail fashion colors, so continue reading to learn more. Continue reading

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Spring – Summer 2013 Color Review – Based on the TheUltraBright Forecast

2013 Summer Fashion Color Forecast

2013 Summer Fashion Color Forecast

We’ve got a brand new color trend summary for you today. It’s the Spring/Summer 2013 Color Forecast by TheUltraBright (TUB).  Continue reading to find out next summer’s color trends. Continue reading


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