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Boutique Clothing Craft Series- Lilly Pie Creations

Rock Bottom T-Shirts would like to welcome a new small business owner to the Rock Bottom T-Shirts Boutique Clothing Craft Series where we recognize the accomplishments of small businesses in the clothing craft industry.

Today we are talking with Katie Demicelli of Lilly Pie Creations, LLC.

Founder Name: Katie Demicelli

Years in Business: 2.5 years

Product Description: Customs children’s apparel, embroidery and applique clothing, dresses, tutus, and custom embroidery designs

Website URL: www.facebook.com/lillypiecreations and http://www.etsy.com/shop/LillyPieCreations.

Contact Information: lillypiecreations@hotmail.com

Katie, how did you get started in the clothing craft business? When the Saints made it to the Superbowl in 2010 I decided that my daughter (who was 8 months old at the time) needed something to wear for the big game. I looked all around our small town for something cute for her to wear and only found a cheerleaders outfit. I saw a few professional pictures of babies wearing tutus and decided that would be the perfect thing for her to wear. After I made a black and gold tutu, I posted a few pictures of my daughter modeling it on facebook and immediately had 2 friends order them for their children. After a month or two of making tutus I decided I needed a name for my little business, I decided upon Lilly Pie Creation, my daughters name is Lilly and my husband and I have always called her “Lilly Pie”. Not long after naming my business I decided to dust off my old sewing machine and make a dress, then I received an embroidery machine for Christmas and my “creations” have just grown from there.

Your tutus are absolutely adorable! It’s crazy how people get started doing things like this!

Where do you find the inspiration to come up with these embellishments? My daughters, they are 3 and 1. I started making outfits for my older daughter, because I just didn’t want to buy something I could make. I loved being able to say, “I made that” when somebody commented about a dress or shirt my daughter was wearing. Now that I embroider and digitize a lot of my own designs, my daughter requests me to put certain designs on her clothing. (I think she believes all mommy’s sew their kids clothing). And my younger daughter is only 15 months old so she doesn’t really have much of an opinion yet, she is my guinea pig, I like to test out new patterns on her. My kids are my best customers!

That is so cute that your daughter believes all mommies make their kids clothes. Its good to have “customers” that live at home, they are your own personal mannequin!

How long does it take, on average, for you to complete a typical project? From the time an order is placed to the time I mail or deliver it, it normally takes me a week. A lot of time is spent going back and forth with a customer figuring out colors, fabric and embroidery designs. If I am digitizing a new applique it may take a little longer. I am the sole employee of my business and a stay at home mom, so I pretty much work only during naptime and after my girls go to bed.

How do you manage to stand out from the competition? My goal is to treat my customers the way I want to be treated as a consumer. I want to be upfront and honest with my customers, I do not charge more than I am willing to pay for an item elsewhere. Also everything I make is custom, if I have a picture of something on my website it is just an example of what that item can look like. Everything can be changed down to the thread color!

That is a very good way of looking at how you charge per item. That is a very smart business tactic, its also good that you are willing to change you ideas for people’s needs like the color of the thread, fabrics etc.

Are there any “milestone moments” that you’d like to share with us? I recently purchased a new, larger embroidery machine, I outgrew my previous machine in a little over a year.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge for your business-so far? Expanding my customer base. I relied solely on word of mouth for a long time, but now I am looking into selling things at some local stores and possibly adding my own website.

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing clothing craft businesses? There are so many clothing craft businesses that sell the same type of items, it is very hard to stand out without under pricing your items.

What’s the one piece of advice that you would give to anyone considering taking the plunge and starting their own clothing craft business? Research! Research the market, research blanks (if you are embroidering), research your target customer, how much can they spend, research the business and tax laws in your state and find people (either online or in real life) who share the same creating passion as you do. I say passion because you need to really love doing what you do to create a business, I spend a lot of of my spare time “working”. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love what I do and that’s why I say “working” because I really doesn’t feel like I’m working.

That is some really good advice, because people do need to understand what they are really going into when they are starting up their own business, from the laws and regulations and the time it takes to actually make it happen and work.

We would like to thank you, Katie with Lilly Pie Creations, for taking the time out of your day to answer a few of our questions. I am sure that you answered a lot for others as well.

If you know someone that you think should be feature in Rock Bottom T-shirts Boutique Clothing Craft Series, please let us know on our Facebook page!


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DIY Fun Halloween Costumes

We know everyone is on a budget these days and the last thing you want to do is spend money on a costume that your kids are only going to wear once. So we have found a couple of solutions for you!

Add Some Color!

Our first idea is perfect for multiples going to a party or trick or treating together. They could all dress up as crayons! This costume is inexpensive and easy to do!

To start with all you need are solid long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts and matching colored pants. In the how-to instructions it says to use adhesive-backed felt but you could use regular felt and use either iron on hem tape or fabric glue if adhesive-backed felt is too expensive. A few more things you need are scissors, a ruler, and party hats for the tip of the crayon. Here is the link on how to make these fun yet easy costumes: Colorful Crayon Costume

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s.. SUPER BABY!!! 

All you need is a layette or a baby bodysuit, some felt, a small piece of fabric and some Velcro™. You can make this one faster than a speeding train! Here is the link on how to make this adorable flying baby! Super Baby Costume

If you have any other ideas or if you choose to make one of these costumes, please share with us on our Facebook page! We look forward to seeing what you came up with!

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Don’t Just Wear A Shirt, Use It As Accessory!

You might think, “What do you mean don’t just wear a shirt and use it as an accessory?” We know it sounds crazy, but we have three super cute ideas for DIY projects!  Our question for you is, what is the best way to accent a dull outfit? A belt!  Using a belt is a great way to add a burst of color or just a little interest to the outfit.  All you need is an old t shirt and a pair of scissors, tada!  We promise that it is that easy! If you are in need of a specific colored shirt go on to our website rockbottomt-shirts to get the color that you need.  To learn the specifics here is a quick tutorial on this super cute accessory for your out on the town outfit for tonight! http://thisolddress.blogspot.com/2009/08/recycled-t-shirt-braided-belt.html

Maybe belts aren’t for you and you would prefer a necklace. Simply all you need again is a cute colored shirt of two and a pair of scissors! you could even add your own accessories to this like buttons, silver/gold chains to add a little shine. Click here to learn how to make this fun accessory! http://www.starsforstreetlights.com/2011/10/t-shirt-necklace-diy.html

One last DIY for today! how to make a no- sew ruffle scarf! This is so cute you could mix and match SO many colors! The only things you need more for this than the others above is a paper plate! This will be so cute for the fall season coming soon! Learn how to make a scarf out of a t-shirt and a plate: http://tidymom.net/2011/how-to-make-a-scarf/

Please let us know what you think about today’s DIY projects! We hope you enjoy and if you make any other these super cute accessories please post your pictures on our Facebook page at RockBottomT-Shirts.

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How To Make That Old Shirt Your NEW Favorite

Maybe you have an old t- shirt that is a little faded or has a stain on it but you love the way it fits or it has  some kind of sentimental value to you. So, you are just unable to actually bring yourself to throwing it away. We have all been there and now we have the solution for you, by giving this old t- shirt that has seen better days a make over! There are so many different mediums that you would not even think of to use on a shirt that will completely change its appearance. You can use spray paint, bleach, and the aid of Mod Podge. Continue reading

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Home Decor Using Your Old T-Shirts!

Summer will be coming to an end soon, and it is time to do a little “Spring Cleaning” to get your wardrobe ready for the fall. What are you going to do with all these worn clothes from the summer or even the ones your cleaning out from last year? Well we have found the perfect way to spruce up your home for cheap, using your old clothes!

There are so many different things you can make, like pictures for your wall. You can use your old favorite shirts that you can’t wear anymore, they can have a design or something simple like stripes. If you like the idea but your uninterested in using a shirt with a design on it, use a blank shirt and stencil on an image you like using fabric paint. Click here to learn how to make these awesome wall hangings! http://craftsncoffee.com/2011/09/02/repurpose-old-t-shirts-and-wear-them-on-your-wall-instead-super-fast-t-shirt-wall-art-tutorial/

Maybe wall art isn’t what you need. What about updating the throw pillows on the couch or for the bed? You can use old shirts with designs or solid colors shirts for this one too! Try making a few of these throw pillows to freshen the look of your home. You could arrange the ruffles diagonally or use multiple colored shirts for more colorful pillows. If you like to decorate for Halloween, Christmas, etc,  you could make thee pillows orange with black ruffles for Halloween, or green with red ruffles for Christmas; the ideas are endless for these throw pillows! Check out the link to make them! http://floralshowers.com/sewing/ruffle-pillow-tutorial/

Need a new shower rug or maybe something cute and creative for your child’s room? You could or your child could make a Hula Hoop Rug! You can go from something childish and colorful to something more sophisticated and neutral, depending on what color shirts you use. If you like the idea of the rug but you don’t have use for it on the floor you could hang it on the wall for a splash of color in your living space. Learn how here: http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/hula-hoop-rug-995304/

Now that you’ve cleaned out those old t-shirts, what are you going to wear? Stop by Rock Bottom T-Shirts to replenish your t-shirt supply and get quality tees on the cheap.

What do you think?  Will you be trying any of these projects at home? If you do, post pictures of your crafts on our Facebook page. If you have any tips or other projects that you’d like to share with us, please let us know by commenting below.

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Beautiful T-Shirt Poppies to Brighten Your Day

In our last blog we suggested saving your t-shirts that might have a small stain or hole in them for fabric scraps. So what do you do with all those fabric scraps?

There are tons of tutorials out there that utilize scraps in one form or another, but we came across this unique blog post from Melissa @ Until Wednesday Calls. We couldn’t resist these pretty little poppies. Just looking at them made us smile! Envision them attached to just about everything! Pillows, purses, t-shirts, canvas pictures. The application could be endless.

The supplies are simple. Fabric circles in varying sizes, eyelets and eyelet tool, contrasting fabric scraps and some fabric glue. You can get the full tutorial here, complete with step-by-step instructions and pictures.


If you can’t resist them either, make a few and let us know how you used them. You can comment below or post on our Facebook page.

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Baby Shower Ideas – How to Make a Diaper Cake [Tutorial]

Diaper Cake Instructions

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

Guest Post by Sam Pasi

Baby showers are evolving more and more. Gone are the days where simple gifts and presents would suffice. These days you need more elaborate and gorgeous gifts to impress the expecting parents. Continue reading

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